Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: An OK Beginner Guitar

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Yamaha is probably more often known for its keyboards, both electronic and acoustic. However, they also make a wide range of guitars, including the Yamaha F335 acoustic that we’ll look at here.

If you’re even a moderately-experienced guitarist, you can probably skip over this model, unless you want one just for practice or to take to the campfire. The F335 guitar is meant for beginners, mainly because of its price.

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How To Make a Yamaha F335

Okay, so you can’t actually make one of these yourself. Or if you could, it technically wouldn’t be a Yamaha.

But here’s what goes into the making of an F335.

Yamaha F335 black acoustic guitar
Yamaha F335 black acoustic guitar

The dreadnought body has a laminated spruce top that measures 19 ⅞ inches long by 16 ¼ inches wide. Its depth varies from 3 13/16 inches to 4 9/16 inches. The back and sides are meranti (aka tropical tonewood). It has a gloss finish all over.

The rosewood fingerboard has 14 accessible frets. There are 20 frets total, but since this isn’t a cutaway, you really can’t do much with the top 6 or so.

The matte-finished neck is made of nato or mahogany, depending on the edition you get. The 1 11/16 inch nut is made of urea, just like the saddle. The bridge is rosewood, like the fingerboard.

The tuner are gold colored, instead of the more common silver or chrome. The bridge pins are ABS plastic, a common, cheap material. The pickguard is either tortoiseshell or black, if you get the black version.

Overall, the F335 measures 40 ½ inches long which is fairly standard.

If you can collect all those pieces and put them together correctly, bully for you. But I bet you can’t do it for less than what Yamaha sells it for, especially when you include the time you would have invested.

Quality of the Yamaha F335 vs Your Design

Supposing for one more minute that you could put this guitar together yourself, it probably would at least match the quality of a genuine Yamaha.

This is a guitar, as I mentioned earlier, that’s intended for beginners. It doesn’t have the clarity or the “shine” that the fancier (i.e., higher-priced) models do.

Yamaha F335 natural acoustic guitar
Yamaha F335 natural color top

Some reviewers have said that, when playing chords, it’s hard to hear the individual notes that make up the chord. That may be related to how good your ears are at picking them out, but it probably has as much to say about the construction of the guitar itself too.

I wouldn’t automatically assign the F335 to the “toy” category. I remember playing some guitars that truly were toys when I was a kid. At the same time, this isn’t an instrument a pro is likely to use to record his next album.

You get a hex wrench to assist in making adjustments to the guitar – string height, etc. I’m on the fence as to whether making such tweaks yourself is enough or whether it’s worth taking it to someone else for a formal setup. It might not make that much difference, before and after.

Probably the main thing this Yamaha acoustic has going for it is the price. It won’t break your bank account. For the cost, this is a fun guitar to play, they say. It just feels good, they say. I haven’t held one myself, but I can understand what they’re saying.

The video below will give you some idea of what they’re saying.

You can get the F335 in 3 varieties: black, natural, or tobacco brown. All of them are also said to stay in tune quite well. That’s a big plus, especially for beginners.

Yamaha F335 tobacco brown sunburst acoustic guitar
Yamaha F335 tobacco brown sunburst

All of those features, along with Yamaha’s limited lifetime warranty, make this a guitar worth buying if you’re a beginner or want to gift it to someone else who is.

Yamaha F335

Check the pricing and availability of the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar at Amazon.

Yamaha F335 Guitar

Check the pricing and availability of the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar at Ebay.

If the F335 isn’t what you really want, check out this review of other guitars for beginners.

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