Washburn C5CE: Classical Style – Easy on the Fingers

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The Washburn C5CE classical guitar is simple and easy to play. It is made of some woods that are not as common as on many other instruments. The smaller size and nylon strings that it comes with make it easier on the fingers, especially for beginners.

Let’s take a quick look at this ¾ size guitar to see if it is the best guitar for beginners or even for more experienced players who like the classical style.

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Washburn C5CE
Washburn C5CE

Washburn says, “Nylon stringed classical guitars have an ageless appeal regardless of the genre of music you play.” I wouldn’t argue with that, but don’t forget that this is also an electric guitar featuring a built-in tuner and EVT preamp system.

I mentioned above that this guitar has different woods from those you might expect to find in this kind of guitar. The top is solid spruce, which is common. However, the back and sides are catalpa. When was the last time you saw that in a guitar?

The neck is made of mahogany, but the fretboard consists of “engineered wood”. I can’t tell you exactly what this means, but it sounds artificial, as opposed to natural. I’m not saying that’s bad, but it’s another feature that’s different from the norm.

The shiny, gloss finish has a mosaic rosette around the sound hole. Moving up from there, you’ll notice the common cutaway giving you access to the highest of the 19 frets.

Quoting Washburn again:

“Classical players require a larger string spacing to accommodate their precise finger style playing.”

So the spacing here is a bit wider than average. The Graphtech Nubone nut at the top measures 52 millimeters across.

Washburn's EVT preamp and tuner
Washburn’s EVT preamp and tuner

At the far end, the classical tuners are standard chrome. You won’t find strap buttons at either end because this is not standard on a classical guitar.

Most owners are more than satisfied with the Washburn classical, but it seems quality control could be a problem. If the guitar you get has problems, just get a replacement. Yes, it’s a hassle, but odds are you’ll get a really nice guitar in the end.

If you want an idea of what it sounds like, listen to the video below. The recording isn’t the greatest, but at least you’ll have a general idea of the tone when used electronically.

Washburn C5CE

Check the pricing and availability of the Washburn C5CE Classical Guitar at Amazon.

Washburn C5CE Guitar

Check the pricing and availability of the Washburn C5CE Classical guitar at Ebay.

If you’re in the market for a 3/4 size (classical) guitar but aren’t taken with the Washburn, check out this Yamaha APXT2.

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