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Tifanso Guitar Strap with Picks

Tifanso (or tifanso, with a small “t”) sells a number of items at Amazon. Tifanso guitar straps are very popular, probably because of the low price and because you get 3 guitar picks and a few extra bits for your strap.

You might expect a company that sells guitar straps to also sell capos, picks (separately), and other similar guitar gears.

You would be wrong.

As of this writing, the other items available in the tifanso store are the following items.

  • Bathtub stoppers
  • Fingertip protectors
  • Cotton swabs (of many types)
  • Drinking straws
  • Eating utensils
  • Key rings
  • Foil tape
  • Coasters for the cup holders in your car

Obviously they do not specialize in guitar gear but rather in smallish items that (hopefully) sell well. Be that as it may, the guitar strap itself is probably worth your money, especially if you’re not looking for anything fancy.

What You Get in a Tifanso Guitar Strap Package

The guitar strap itself, which (currently) comes in green, black, or coffee (that is, dark brown), is made of cotton and has leather ends, which may be faux leather. I think real leather would make this item cost a bit more. The cotton is supposed to help reduce sweat – something that’s likely only a problem for heavier players who play for a long time in one session.

You can adjust the length of the strap from 36 to 62 inches, so the size of your guitar and your chest shouldn’t matter too much. The strap is 2 inches wide. They claim this width will reduce stress on your body.

This guitar strap should work on virtually any acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. Especially for acoustic guitars, you get what they call a “strap button headstock adapter”. This is a somewhat fancy term for a (faux?) leather attachment that wraps around your guitar neck above the nut and connects to one end of the strap itself. This replaces the strings that you find on other straps.

You also get a pair of “strap locks” that you slide onto the button after attaching the strap. These are intended to “lock” the strap in place. In practice you may find that they are too soft to do any good, depending on how wild you are with your guitar.

Near one end of the strap in the leather section, there are three slots, or pockets, for the three picks you get in this package. Once again, whether the picks stay in these pick pockets (hah-hah) will depend on how you handle your guitar. They may fall out, so be a little careful if you intend to use this feature.

I wasn’t able to determine the size and thickness of the three guitar picks. Various answers were provided by different people. In any case, you’ll have three more picks than you had before, which is not a bad thing.

The vast majority of current owners are more than pleased with their purchase of a tifanso guitar strap. The only real complaint is about those locks, as mentioned above. You’ll probably find that you don’t even need them and will enjoy your tifanso guitar strap as much as everyone else.

Guitar Strap

Check the pricing and availability of the tifanso Guitar Strap with Picks at Amazon.

If you’re also in the market for other guitar accessories, look for them here.

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Tifanso Guitar Strap with Picks
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