The Most Popular Guitar Stands

Simply put, if you own a guitar, you need a guitar stand or the equivalent wall hanger. Assuming you play your guitar regularly, you want to have in readily accessible. You don’t want to always store it away in its case (like I do, sadly, even though I own a stand) because it’s just too much of a hassle to pull it out multiple times during the day to play it.

So, here we have four of the most popular guitar stands and hangers available as of this writing at Amazon and elsewhere. The style of stand you choose really doesn’t matter, as long as it holds your guitar properly. All of these should do that just fine, unless you have a non-standard instrument.

If you don’t have a lot of time right now (perhaps because you have a rehearsal to go to) and just want to check the pricing and availability of these stands and hangers at Amazon, you can click (tap) the links in the list just below. Otherwise, keep reading to see what makes one style different from the others.

Amazon Basics A-Frame Guitar Stand

Amazon Basics A-Frame guitar stand
Amazon Basics A-Frame guitar stand

The Amazon Basic A-Frame guitar stand is supposed to work equally well for both acoustic and electric guitars. Some users have found, however, that it doesn’t work all that well for electric guitars. The thing is that your guitar should really be almost symmetrical to stand up properly on this A-frame. Many electric guitars aren’t.

There’s nothing to assemble with this stand, unlike some of the other models. You can adjust the base width of the frame to accommodate most (symmetric) guitars.

There is foam on the arms that you set your guitar on as well as on the back. This foam may wear out (quickly, in some reports), so you may want to protect it with some tape or similar material to extend the life of your stand.

Amazon Basic A-Frame

Check the pricing and availability of the Amazon Basic A-Frame Guitar Stand at Amazon.

Hola! Universal Guitar Stand (2 Pack)

Hola! universal guitar stand
Hola! Universal guitar stand

The Hola! Universal guitar stand is the type that most people think of when they picture a guitar stand. Its height is adjustable to fit your instrument. It’s padded, has an attachment to hold the neck in place for safety, and is collapsible for those times you need to transport it to a new venue.

There’s not much else to say about the stand itself. It just works. You do get 2 stands in this package – maybe one for the living room and one for the studio.

Hola! Guitar Stand

Check the pricing and availability of the Hola! Universal Guitar Stand at Amazon.

String Swing Guitar Hanger

String Swing guitar hanger
String Swing guitar hanger

The last two models I’ll show you are both wall hangers for your guitar. They both require a small amount of assembly. You do have to mount the hanger on your wall for it to work, obviously.

Some owners have suggested you use other wall anchors than the ones provided. You will want to find a stud in your wall to attach the hanger to. (Some owner who complained that the hanger put a large hole in their wall obviously didn’t do this.)

String Swing guitar hanger in use

As you can see from the pictures, the hanger, which is attached to a hardwood block, adjusts itself to the type of guitar neck as needed. Virtually any guitar should work in this setup.

String Swing Hanger

Check the pricing and availability of the String Swing Guitar Hanger at Amazon.

Snigjat Guitar Hanger (2 Pack)

You’ll notice I don’t have a picture of the Snigjat guitar hanger. This is because Snigjat seems to be an Amazon-only company, so the only pictures readily available are found at Amazon. And Amazon doesn’t like it when you snag their Snigjat (or any) pictures. Just click the link to see what these hangers look like.

The hanger base is made of black walnut, and the hook is padded steel. Snigjat touts their V-shaoed wall mount bracket holder that can “fix your instrument firmly, [so] you don’t have to worry about the instrument slipping off the hanger.”

It seems that, like the String Swing model, the Snigjat also adjusts itself to the neck style of the instrument. So, again, virtually all guitars and other similar stringed instruments should work here.

And, like the String Swing, you may want to get your own wall anchors. Some owners have questioned the quality of the ones provided.

Snigjat Guitar Hanger

Check the pricing and availability of the Snigjat Guitar Hanger at Amazon.

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The Most Popular Guitar Stands
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