The Best Left Handed Guitar: There’s an Acoustic for You Here

Seagull left handed guitar

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I’m left-handed, but I do lots of things – including playing guitar – as a right-hander. If you play guitar left-handed, you have probably found it a little more difficult to find a guitar that suits you. A left-handed acoustic guitar isn’t exactly rare, but it is more challenging to find a good one.

In this article, I’ll take a look at several left-handed guitars that you might find interesting. We’ll examine guitars by Martin, Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, and Seagull.

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There are several videos below in which you can hear these guitars being played. Most feature the right-handed version of these models, but everything you see and hear applies to the left-handed version too.

Sometimes these left handed guitars can be hard to find (at Amazon). The links do the best they can to take you to the page you’re looking for, but sometimes they have to default to a right-handed version when the left isn’t currently available.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Guitar

Martin LX1 Little Martin
Martin LX1 Little Martin

The Little Martin is a smaller ¾ size left handed guitar that is quite popular, even among professionals.

If you (or the person you’re buying for) are on the smaller size yourself, this guitar could be just the right fit for you.

You get a solid Sitka spruce top and bracing. The back and sides are HPL with a mahogany pattern. The neck is a rust birch laminate.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of FSC® Certified Richlite, and the saddle is compensated white Tusq.

The fingerboard width at the nut (which is made of white corian) is 1 11/16 inches. At the 12th fret, the width is 2 1/16 inches. There are a total of 20 frets.

There is no pickguard on this guitar, as you can see in the picture. A nice accessory is the soft gig bag that comes with this model.

Sweetwater has a very nice video about the LX1 here.

LX1 Little Martin

Check the pricing and availability of the Little Martin LX1 at Amazon.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Left

Check the pricing and availability of the Martin LX1 LIttle Martin left-handed guitar at Ebay.

See a full review of the Martin LX1 here.

Yamaha FG820L

Yamaha FG820L
Yamaha FG820L

Like the Martin above, this Yamaha acoustic has a top made of solid spruce, though it might not be Sitka spruce. The back and sides of this full sized guitar are mahogany. The body depth ranges from 3 15/16 to 4 ⅝ inches. The neck is constructed of nato with a gloss finish.

You might see the model number of this Yamaha left-handed acoustic guitar without the “L” at the end. As long as it looks like a left-handed model and the description agrees, you can safely purchase an FG820.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The nut (1 11/16 inches wide) and saddle are urea.

There is a pickguard with a tortoise shell pattern. If the lack of a pickguard on the Martin was a deal-breaker for you, this Yamaha could be your best pick instead.

There is no case or gig bag with the Yamaha.

Dawsons tells you about this guitar in the video below. (I think they could have done a better job with the mics on this one, but you’ll still get the idea of what it sounds like.)

Yamaha FG820L

Check the pricing and availability of the Yamaha FG820L at Amazon.

Yamaha FG820L Left

Check the pricing and availability of the Yamaha FG820L left-handed guitar at Ebay.

Get more details in this full Yamaha FG820L review.

Ibanez PF15 Left

Ibanez PF15L
Ibanez PF15L

Something special about the Ibanez acoustic (and all Ibanez models) is their bridge pins. Ibanez calls them “Advantage” pins. According to the manufacturer…

“These pins really are an advantage over old-fashioned pins. Advantage™ pins are easier to take out and easier to put in than standard pins. A special bulb-shaped end makes the pin easy to grip and also prevents the pin from being pushed in too far. Best of all, with Advantage™, the pin and string stay put.”

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with a guitar’s pins, but I can see where this would be one less cause of concern for anyone who has had troubles with them in the past.

The Ibanez left-handed PF15 has a traditional dreadnought body shape and is 5 inches deep at the thickest point. This model also has a solid spruce top. The back and sides are made of sapele, while the neck is mahogany. Everything has a gloss finish.

The fretboard and bridge are treated New Zealand pine. There are 20 frets along the neck, which is 42 millimeters wide at the nut.

The video from Hayworth below isn’t really 13 minutes long. It’s actually less than a minute and a half. I’m not sure what happened after that.

Ibanez PF15

Check the pricing and availability of the Ibanez PF15 at Amazon.

Ibanez PF15 Left

Check the pricing and availability of the Ibanez PF15 left-handed guitar at Ebay.

See more info in this full Ibanez PF15 eview.

Fender CD-60S LH

Fender CD-60S LH
Fender CD-60S LH

One specialty feature that Fender likes to tout is the “Easy-to-Play” neck shape that has rolled fretboard edges. You might be able to see this is the picture if you look closely.

If you have smaller hands, this could make it easier for you to play especially those tough chords where you have to reach farther than usual.

This Fender is another dreadnought style body. Spruce is a popular material among these guitars and is featured on this model too. The back, sides, and neck are all mahogany here. Like the Ibanez, everything gets a gloss finish.

There are the standard 20 frets along the rosewood fingerboard. The bridge is also made of rosewood.

The nut, which is 1.69 inches (43 millimeters) wide, is made of creme plastic. The pickguard is solid black.

The rep from Alamo does an excellent job of explaining the CD-60S. He even plays the mahogany and attempts to play the left-handed versions too!

Fender CD-60S LH

Check the pricing and availability of the Fender CD-60S LH at Amazon.

Fender CD-60S LH Guitar

Check the pricing and availability of the Fender CD-60S LH left-handed guitar at Ebay.

Fender Paramount PM-1 Dreadnought

Fender PM-1 LH
Fender PM-1 LH

Fender has a series of guitars labeled Paramount. They consider this PM-1 left-handed dreadnought acoustic guitar to be an expansion of that line.

There is lots of dark wood being used here. Not only is there a mahogany back and sides, the top and neck are all solid mahogany too. The finish on the body is open-pore satin, while the neck is plain satin.

If you’re looking for a left-handed guitar with a very rich color, this would be a great one to pick up.

As is common, you get a rosewood fretboard, and the bridge is made of the same material. Just like the other Fender above, you get 20 frets and a nut that is 1.69 inches (43mm) wide. Here the nut is made of bone, however.

The pickguard is made of 1-ply tortoise shell material.

Included in the package is a “deluxe”, black, hard shell case (with black interior) and humidifier for keeping your guitar in the best condition possible.

Here this guitar presented by a Fender rep.

Fender PM-1 Left-Handed

Check the pricing and availability of the Fender Paramount PM-1 Left at Amazon.

Fender PM-1 Left-Handed Guitar

Check the pricing and availability of the Fender PM-1 Left-Handed guitar at Ebay.

Still not sure about these models? Read more about the Fenders here.

Seagull S6 Original Left

Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed
Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed

For our final guitar, let’s start with the pitch from Seagull.

“Winner of several awards, the S6 is perhaps the instrument that best represents the Seagull philosophy. The S6 offers entry level players the opportunity to experience the great feel and superb sound provided by a hand finished neck, select solid Cedar top and a Custom Polished Finish.”

Notice how the top of the neck tapers where the strings are attached. This design is there for more than looks. It’s intended to give proper tension on each of the strings in a way that a traditional setup cannot.

Seagull guitars are made in Canada and use materials from that area. From the start, you can see that there’s something different (and perhaps special) about this model, since it has a cedar top instead of spruce.

The back is wild cherry, and the neck is silver leaf maple – both woods not often seen in other models. There is a semi-gloss finish overall.

The body depth of the S6 acoustic is 4.9 inches. The nut width is 1.8 inches.

Seagull doesn’t provide as many specifications about their guitars as some other makers do, so that’s about all I can tell you along those lines.

The presenter from Godin alludes to the left-handed version in this video.

Seagull S6 Original Left

Check the pricing and availability of the Seagull S6 Original Left Handed guitar at Amazon.

Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed

Check the pricing and availability of the Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed guitar at Ebay.

Check out the full review of the Seagull S6 Left.

Conclusions about Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

As a left-handed player, I think you would be more than satisfied with any of the acoustic guitars that we looked at here. I could be wrong, but something makes me think the manufacturers take a little extra time and put a little more love into these models just because they make fewer of them and because they seem special in their own right (or is that left?).

As a left-handed writer, examining these instruments here makes me want to try their right-handed counterparts just to see what they feel and sound like (especially the Seagull). I really like the shape and sound of this model.

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