The Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags under $100

Your guitar deserves a nice home. You know you want to provide one, so you look for the best guitar case for your acoustic guitar that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. I’ve found what many owners think are the best acoustic guitar gig bags under $100 that you can buy. There are many more possibilities than these, so if you don’t really like the looks of any of these, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something nearly as good without too much effort.

The three acoustic guitar cases I’ve chosen are made by Cahaya (two of them) and Fender. If you’re in a hurry right now and just want to check their prices and availability at Amazon, you can click (tap) the links in the list just below. Otherwise, you can scroll down to read more about the details of each acoustic gig bag.

CAHAYA 40-41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag with 0.35 Inch Padding

CAHAYA guitar gig bags under $100
CAHAYA bag with 0.35 inch padding

I’ll tell you right up front that Cahaya says this bag is a bit of a tight fit for a full size acoustic guitar. They’re not saying it won’t fit, but you might find yourself pushing and squeezing your guitar into this bag to be more effort than you had expected. Perhaps that changes over time as the bag acquires a little more “give” through use. (Sorry, I can tell you if that happens for sure. It’s just a guess based on how many materials often change with age.)

That said, Cahaya suggests that this best selling case is suitable for guitars like these.

  • Martin D-35
  • Martin X
  • Cordoba C5 Classical
  • ES 335 Semi hollowbody
  • Fender CC-60S
  • Fender Sonoran SCE
  • Franciscan CS-9 dreadnought
  • Epiphone PRO-1 Classic
  • Ibanez Gio
  • Jasmine S-35
  • Yamaha Dreadnought
  • Yamaha FG800
  • Yamaha XG 800C

So, if you own any of those or any similar model, this case should work just fine.

In general this Cahaya case is compatible with 40- and 41-inch guitars. It measures 41.3 x 11.8 x 5.51 inches. It has two-way plastic zippers, adjustable shoulder straps, and two handles.

This is a soft case with 0.35 inches of padding (thus the low cost) that has a waterproof, oxford cloth exterior containing two pouches – one of the front of the body and the other on the neck. These pockets are suitable for carrying sheet music and books, as well as smaller accessories like pedals, adapters, cables, tuners, and so on.


Check the pricing and availability of the CAHAYA GUS-Guitar-Bag-Y 40-41 Inch Guitar Bag at Amazon.

CAHAYA 40-42 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag with 0.80 Inch Padding

CAHAYA guitar gig bag
CAHAYA bag with 0.80 inch padding

For a few more dollars, you can get this Cahaya guitar bag that has 0.80 inch padding. That’s more than twice as much padding as the cheaper case above. Cahaya considers this to be a good balance between having a lightweight case and one that affords sufficient protection.

Inside, there’s a soft lining and an adjustable neck cradle that you can move to keep your particular instrument as snug as possible. Outside, this 42.5 x 18.5 x 4.9 inch bag has a rubberized base for additional protection.

There seems to be a little confusion number-wise related to the size of guitars that this case can store. In some places, it says 40-42, but in others it says 39-41. What I think this suggests is that a 42-inch guitar will just barely fit.

You get 5 storage pockets including one especially made for a music stand.

CAHAYA 40-42 Inch Guitar Case

Check the pricing and availability of the CAHAYA 40-42 Inch Acoustic Guitar Case (Model 4354708939) at Amazon.

Fender Flat-Top Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Fender hard shell guitar gig bag
Fender hard shell acoustic case

If you prefer a hard shell case for your acoustic guitar, this model from Fender should work. It’s designed to fit most 6-string dreadnoughts and 12-string acoustics.

Inside this one you’ll find foam padding that’s a full inch thick – more than either of the Cahayas above. The thick, black, plush lining looks nice and provides further protection.

On the outside of this 3-ply wood, flat-top case, you’ll see chrome hardware holding together the black covering stitched in gray. Fender claims the handle is ergonomic, though to be honest, most of you probably don’t carry it all that far on a regular basis.

Fender Hard Shell Case

Check the pricing and availability of the Fender Flat Top Hard Shell Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag (Model 0996203306) at Amazon.

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