Seagull S6 Left Handed Acoustic Guitar: An Interesting Design

Seagull S6 Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

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The S6 is the model that started it all for the Seagull line. The Seagull S6 Left Handed Original is part of that same line, simply made for left-handers.

My guess is that “S6” means “6 strings”. In any case, the S6 acoustic guitars are some of the most popular made by Seagull.

Let’s take a quick look at how this instrument is put together, so you can decide whether it’s the left-handed guitar for you.

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Local Materials for Unique Guitars

Seagull is based in LaPatrie, Quebec, Canada. The company is proud of the fact that they use materials found locally. So if not relying on imported materials or manufacture is important to you, then this is another reason to consider getting a Seagull as your first (or next) acoustic guitar – whether left handed or not.

One of the most distinctive features of the S6 is the tapered head. This is supposed to be better for the string tension. I trust that it is, though I don’t have any data to support this claim. Personally, I do really like the slender look. There’s something just cool looking about it. Don’t you agree?

The S6 has a solid cedar top, instead of the more common spruce. The back and sides are wild cherry. The neck is silver leaf maple. All of these woods, especially in this combination, make the S6 stand out among other acoustic guitars in general and among left-handed models specifically.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood, which is a more common material for these parts of the guitar. Rosewood just looks pretty in these areas which tend to stand out on any guitar.

There is a semi-gloss finish overall giving it that nice sheen that looks good under the lights.

The body depth of the S6 acoustic is 4.9 inches, and the nut width is 1.8 inches. The S6 also features narrower shoulders than most guitars. This could be important to you, especially if you’re smaller in stature than average.

The Seagull S6 Left Handed Sound and Reviews

The presenter from Godin is playing the right-handed edition in the video below, but he alludes to the left-handed version, as well as the models with electronics. Obviously the sound is going to be the same from both the right- and the left-handed models.

He does a good job of explaining the rationale behind most of the design choices made for this guitar. I highly recommend that you listen to this brief video.

There just isn’t much else to say about this wonderful guitar. All the other reviews I could find about this model are extremely positive.

Here is what a few owners have to say about their purchase.

“Was very pleased with the purchase! The guitar is very clear, and has a mellow but aggressive tone.”

“This is very well made, and plays great. Fairly low action, hold tune well, strong resonance. No complaints at all.”

“The Seagull is a real pleasure to play. It has the best sound to my ears from guitars that are under $500.00.”

Seagull S6 Left

Check the pricing and availability of the Seagull S6 Original Left Handed Acoustic Guitar at Amazon.

I think any left-handed musician would really appreciate owning one. But if the Seagull isn’t to your liking, check out these other left-handed guitars.

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