NFUZD NSPIRE Electronic Drum Packs Review: Lids for Your Heads

NFUZD NSPIRE Standard Pack
NFUZD NSPIRE Standard Pack

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You say you already have an acoustic drum set you really love, but you sure could use an electronic kit once in a while? Take a good look at the NFUZD NSPIRE line of electronic drum packs.

The NSPIRE “kits” are (to date) unique in the drumming world. They are something akin to slipcovers or lids for your acoustic set. They are electronic pads that you slide onto the heads of your acoustic drums and over your metal cymbals so you can play them with all the goodies that an electronic kit affords.

In this review, I’ll take a look at three of the NFUZD “packs” as they’re called – the Rock, the Standard, and the Pro.

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What Do You Get in Each NSPIRE Pack?

The main components of the Rock, Standard, and Pro Packs are the drum and cymbal covers that turn your acoustic set into a electronic drum kit. Those items, combined with the sound module, software, and USB drive give you more than you’ll likely ever use in an electronic kit.

The exact cover pads you get vary from pack to pack. In the Rock Pack, you get a 14 inch snare, 1, 12, and 16 inch toms, a kick pad that fits an 18 inch or larger bass drum, plus hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal covers.

I wasn’t able to determine the size of the cymbal pieces for the Rock and Standard Packs, but I think they are probably the same as in the Pro Pack. If so, that would make the hi-hat and crash cymbals 14 inches each and the ride cymbal 16 inches.

The Standard Pack has a 14 inch snare plus 12, 13, and 16 inch toms. It also includes the other pieces found in the Rock Pack.

The Pro Pack also has a 14 inch snare, but it comes with 4 toms set at 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

NFUZD NSPIRE sound module
NFUZD NSPIRE sound module

I believe the sound module is the same no matter which pack you get. It has what NFUZD calls “Advanced Drum Emulation (A.D.E.)”.

Here is what NFUZD says about this system.

“Based on studying over 20 years of electronic percussion, we found that most electronic drum sets included thousands of sounds that were never even used because drummers felt that they did not sound real. That’s where NFUZD is different. Engineered by the foremost VST drum sampling producer in the industry, the NSPIRE system uses uncompressed WAV files to provide a superior audio performance.”

“Rather than use loop points and false fades to create the impression of sustain, the NSPIRE cymbal samples are full stereo WAV files with a natural decay, producing a truly realistic acoustic cymbal sound. “

On the snare and toms, you can do rimshots and cross stick hits. On the cymbals, you can use the bell, bow, and edge for different sounds. The cymbals are also chokeable.

Can I Create My Own Pack Like the NSPIRE Packs?

Each of the above pieces is available separately, as far as I was able to determine. So you should be able to pick and choose what you need for your particular acoustic kit.

There is even a cowbell available.

You can get 8 and 10 inch pad mounts and a kick pad mount.

What’s the Verdict on the NSPIRE Packs?

Here is a video review with one user’s take on these pads.

These packs (or individual pieces) are made for the drummer who already has an acoustic set but has a need for an electronic set from time to time.

The pads are not on a par with a dedicated electronic set, like one from Roland (see reviews here) or Yamaha (see reviews here). They will get you by in a pinch though. If you intend to play a lot of gigs where an electronic set is needed, you may want to consider getting one of those dedicated kits instead.

Check the availability and pricing of the NFUZD NSPIRE Packs at Amazon now.

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