Mitchell Acoustic Electric Guitars Review: See 4 under the Radar

Mitchell Exotic MX400
Mitchell Exotic MX400

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Have you ever heard of Mitchell acoustic electric guitars? Don’t be ashamed if you haven’t. Mitchell is not yet one of the better-known brands like Martin or Gibson or Fender. Someday they might be if the Element and Exotic series acoustic electric guitars they currently offer are any indication of what’s to come.

Mitchell makes several lines of guitars. In this review, I’ll concentrate on just the acoustic electric models in the Element series and the Exotic series. That makes a total of 4 guitars.

Update: Unfortunately, most of these guitars are currently (as of this update) unavailable at Amazon. I hope you can find something else you like when you get there.

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Mitchell Element Series ME1CE and ME2CEC

The ME1CE and ME2CEC are the acoustic electric models in this series. Mitchell also makes two Element non-electric guitars – the ME1 acoustic guitar and the ME1ACE acoustic guitar.

To compare most of the features of these two guitars, examine the pictures and the table below.

You can also check out the short, promotional videos just below. The first was produced by Musician’s Friend. The second comes directly from Mitchell.

The main differences in construction between the ME1CE and the ME2CEC are the spruce top on the former versus the cedar top on the latter and the woods used for the back and sides. Sapele, used in the ME1CE, is an African wood that is harder than mahogany. The ME2CEC uses Indian rosewood for its back, sides, and fingerboard.

Both models have high-ratio, die-cast, chrome tuners with Ebonite keys. They also both employ the Fishman INK3 pre-amp that includes a built-in tuner. Controls on this module include volume, bass, middle, and treble.

Fishman INK3
Fishman INK3

The TUSQ material mentioned in the table is manufactured by Graphtech Guitar Labs. You can read more about it in their FAQ here.

Mitchell ME1CEMitchell ME1CEMitchell ME2CECMitchell ME2CEC
TopSolid select spruceSolid select cedar
Back & SidesStriped sapeleIndian rosewood
FingerboardIndian rosewoodIndian rosewood
FinishOpen-pore satinOpen-pore satin
InlayAbalone dotsAbalone dots
RosetteSapele / MapleSapele / Maple
BindingFlame MapleFlame Maple
ElectronicsFishman INK3 / tunerFishman INK3 / tuner
 Scale Length (in.)25 1/225 1/2
 SaddleNubone TUSQ, compensatedNubone TUSQ, compensated
 Neck JointDovetailDovetail

Mitchell Exotic Series MX400 and MX420

Both the MX400 and MX420 have the “Grand Auditorium” cutaway body style. Neither model has a pickguard. If that’s an important feature for you, you’ll either have to investigate installing one yourself or move on to a different guitar.

The MX420 is available in Midnight Black or Antique Sunburst (pictured below) finish.

Mitchell MX400Mitchell MX400Mitchell MX420Mitchell MX420
Top, Back, SidesQuilted Ash Burl, Bubinga, or OvangkolQuilted Ash Burl
InlayPearl dotsPearl mini-dots
RosetteModified OAbalone
BindingBlack Multi-Ply ABSBlack / White / Black Multi-Ply
ElectronicsMitchell CE304T / tunerMitchell CE304T / tuner
Frets20 total; 14 open20 total; 14 open
Scale Length (in.)25 1/225 1/2
Nut Width (in.)1.671.67
BridgepinsBlack with white dotBlack with white dot
Upper Bout Width (in.)11 1/411 1/4
Lower Bout Width (in.)15 1/215 1/2
Maximum Depth (in.)3 1/23 1/2
Neck JointDovetailDovetail
Dimensions L x W x D (in.)41 x 15 1/2 x 3 1/241 x 15 1/2 x 3 1/2
Weight (lbs.)9.29.2

Conclusions about the Mitchell Acoustic Electric Guitars

Online reviews of all of these models of Mitchell acoustic electrics are overwhelmingly positive. Most people fairly rave about them, especially those who had never heard of the Mitchell brand before discovering it at a local music store.

Many appreciate the color and finish, besides the quality construction and materials and the great sound.

Some owners compare their Mitchell favorably with their Martin or other high-end guitars.

As of this writing, the Mitchell Element series guitars are a little harder to come by at Amazon, but that can change daily.

Mitchell Guitars

Check the pricing and availability of Mitchell acoustic electric guitars at Amazon.

Mitchell Guitars

Check the pricing and availability of all Mitchell guitars at Ebay.

If you couldn’t find a Mitchell acoustic electric to your liking (or at all), you might try one of these Epiphones instead.

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