Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar: A Beginner’s Guitar

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In general, any Jasmine guitar should be considered a guitar for beginners. They are inexpensive because they are beginner guitars, and they are guitars for beginners because they are inexpensive. The Jasmine S35 (or S-35, as I’ll call it hereafter) is just such a guitar.

This acoustic-only guitar isn’t made from top-notch materials so the manufacturer could keep costs to a minimum. That, along with the lack of accessories, is what makes this model extremely affordable – not matter which of the three styles you get.

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Who Makes the Jasmine S-35 Guitar?

That’s a good question.

Ostensibly, Jasmine guitars are made by…Jasmine. But who is Jasmine?

Stay with me here, if you can.

Jasmine used to be owned by Takamine but no more. Takamine passed Jasmine off to Kaman Music Corporation (KMC).

In 2008, the parent company of KMC, Kaman Corporation, sold KMC to Fender.

In 2015, Fender sold KMC to JAM Industries, a Canadian company.

KMC is still its own entity, as far as producing musical products goes. It’s “the single largest musical instrument accessory distributor in the United States”.

All that said, as far as I can tell, Jasmine guitars are still made in Indonesia. So, even though owned by KMC, Jasmine must still be its own entity too.

It looks like Jasmine used to have its own website – JasmineGuitars dot com, but I couldn’t access it the last time I tried.

An interesting side note, KMC brands currently number 165, including many “big” names you’ve certainly heard of. For example, these brands fall under the KMC umbrella.

CasioElixirErnie BallFishmanHarmonHohner
JasmineJBLKorgMackieMarshallMartin Pro
Oscar SchmidtPacific DrumsSeikoSennheiserShureSuzuki
TascamVandorenVic FirthWashburnYamaha

Jasmine Model Names Deciphered

Sometimes you just see some letters and numbers for a guitar model and you wonder what they mean. Here’s what they mean for the majority of Jasmine guitars.

If the ID starts with “J”, that just stands for “Jasmine”, and you have to understand that these models have a gloss finish. The counterpart to that is those that start with “S” (like the S-35). These have a satin finish.

Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar
Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar

A letter following the “J” refers to the overall style and size of the guitar. “D” means “Dreadnought”; “O” means “Orchestral”; “C” means “Classical”; and “M” means “Mini”.

Digits after the hyphen may range from “10” to “39”.

I don’t know the significance of the lower numbers. Some of the higher figures mean the following.

  • “35” – least expensive; satin finish; acoustic only; Agathis sides and back
  • “36” – gloss finish; sapele sides and back; laminated top; less expensive decorations
  • “37” – solid spruce top; abalone rosette; pearl dot inlays
  • “39” – similar to the “36”; hard shell case; natural, black, and sunburst versions

In addition, some models will have a “C” for “Cutaway” and/or an “E” for “Electronic”, as in acoustic-electric editions.

Features of the Jasmine S-35 Acoustic

You can get an idea of the sound of the Jasmine from the video below. There’s no real sales pitch, just a couple of minutes of nice playing.

As you can tell from the explanation above, the S-35 designation tells you that this is a guitar with a satin finish and is one of the least expensive that Jasmine makes.

One of the features that keeps the cost down is that the spruce top is made of two pieces that are laminated together. A more expensive model would have a single, solid piece of wood for the top.

Those of you with a more discerning ear might be able to hear a difference in tone between a solid-top guitar and one that has been pieced together. Beginners, for whom this is intended, likely won’t notice the difference, nor are they likely to care. Such discernment will come with time and experience.

To help compensate for the above, Jasmine put sturdy X-bracing inside the body to give it the strength and stability needed to hold it together properly. The result is a nice guitar body that even a beginner can handle.

Agathis is the wood Jasmine uses for the sides and back. It’s plentiful and relatively cheap and is found in Southeast Asia, which is where Indonesia is located too.

The next is made of nato and has pearloid (not real pearl) dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard. There are 20 frets on a full 25.5 inch scale, making this a full-sized guitar that measures 41 inches overall (not the 48 you may see some refer to elsewhere).

The S-35 doesn’t come with a bag or case, but those measurements just above should be enough for you to find one that will fit.

Like the fretboard, the bridge is also made of rosewood. The saddle and nut are inexpensive synthetic bone.

Upper strap button

There is no strap included, nor are there picks, but you can easily find these wherever guitars are sold locally or online. One thing to note is the interesting positioning of the upper strap button. You find it at the top of the body near where the neck and body meet. With most guitars, you have to attach the strap near the tuners at the far end of the neck. With this button being located where it is, the strap stays out of the way of your left hand while playing.

If you want most of the pieces you don’t normally get with the S-35, look around at Amazon just a little and you should be able to find a bundle version too.

Conclusions about the Jasmine S-35 Acoustic Guitar

With all that Jasmine has done to keep costs down, this is still – according to most reviews and owners – a very likeable and playable guitar. Only the pickiest users will find fault with the S-35.

If you are a beginner or are getting a guitar for someone who is just starting out, don’t hesitate to give the Jasmine a try.

If you are more experience and want a practice guitar to lug around – one that you don’t care too much about if it gets dinged up a little – check out the Jasmine acoustic, model S-35.

Jasmine S-35

Check the pricing and availability of the Jasmine S-35 Acoustic Guitar at Amazon.

Jasmine S-35 Acoustic

Check the pricing and availability of the Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar at Ebay.

If you need more options for a beginner, check out this Donner model.

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