Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitars. Wait, Jameson? Yup.

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Jameson acoustic electric guitars may not be in the same league as those from Taylor or Martin, but for their price they are certainly worth more than a dismissive look.

If you decide to venture to the Jameson website, look under “Acoustic” to find their acoustic electric models. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately obvious there that they even make this type of guitar.

But they do! They even make both left-handed and right-handed versions of their 41-inch, slimline instrument. But more about this later.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability of Jameson guitars at Amazon, you can click (or tap) the links in the short list just below.

Features of the Jameson Acoustic Electrics

Jameson acoustic electric right handed
Jameson acoustic electric right handed

Probably the most important feature of these guitars is the thin body. It measures just 3 inches deep. Even so, you get a fairly rich sound from it. (More on that in the video below.)

We sometimes forget that an acoustic electric is supposed to sound good – or even great – when it’s not plugged into an amp. I really like the unamplified sound of a Jameson. It’s just a bonus that it sounds good attached to a cable as well.

These are full-scale guitars, not 3/4 size models, that have a single cutaway, for those (probably rare) times you need to hit those really high notes on the frets in the vicinity of the body.

You get die-cast tuners which are not always found in a guitar at this price point. Speaking of price, that will – for some buyers, at least – be the second most important “feature” of these Jameson acoustics. They are simply extremely inexpensive. (I would have said “cheap”, but that has a negative connotation that doesn’t fit here.)

Controls on the side of the body include both volume and tone.

Jameson acoustic electric left handed
Jameson acoustic electric left handed

It comes with steel strings, but if you prefer nylon, feel free to give them a try so you can see which sound you like better.

Speaking of sound, check out the video below to hear it live. I set the link to start over half way through the recording at the place where the demonstrator actually starts to play. (Before that, he simply gives you all the specs I mention here.)

You get a nato body with a spruce top – coated with a high gloss finish – and rosewood fingerboard.

The right hand model (and perhaps the left, depending on what the seller offers) may come with a gig bag and some picks.

Both models are available in colors other than what I show you here. Check what’s available on Amazon using the links below.

Verdict on Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitars

Simply put, for the price, it’s hard to go wrong with a Jameson guitar. I shouldn’t say this, but even if you don’t really care for it all that much later, it won’t have broken your bank like a Martin would.

Jameson Guitars

Check the pricing and availability of the Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitars (right and left) at Amazon.

For you left-handed players, if you want more options, check out the models in this article.

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Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitars. Wait, Jameson? Yup.
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Jameson Acoustic Electric Guitars. Wait, Jameson? Yup.
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