How To Promote Your Music Using the Live Event Blueprint

So the owner of a local watering hole finally gave you a chance to play last week. You told all your friends about your first real gig and invited them to come listen.

That night, there were three patrons – four, for a while – in the bar. You didn’t recognize any of them.

Some of your friends had a big test the next day. One buddy just forgot. Your parents would have come but they just don’t usually go to bars and besides it started kinda late. Your sister’s boyfriend had other plans for their night out.

Didn’t they tell anyone else? Sure, they did, but they didn’t really make it sound like that big of a deal.

Everyone who’s heard you rehearse says your music is good. They like it. You play well.

So what’s a musician supposed to do to get heard in public?

Learn how to promote your music and yourself, whether you are a solo artist or a member of a band.

You could try to figure out music promotion techniques on your own, but why reinvent the wheel?

All you need is the plan, the blueprint, that someone else who already knows how promotion of musicians and bands works. Then you just copy that blueprint and save yourself a lot of frustration and hassle.

It’s all been done for you by someone who knows the ropes in the Live Event Blueprint.

When you have the Blueprint in hand, you can concentrate on what you do best and like most – creating and playing your music for your fans.

The Live Event Blueprint is a series of videos that show you how to promote your music and how to start playing live shows in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The videos walk you step by step through the entire process. They are purposely easy to follow so that confusion never raises its ugly head.

  • If you’re tired of performing for an empty or nearly empty room…
  • If you want to grow your fanbase and even create superfans…
  • If you want to play more gigs and get paid more for them…
  • If you want to learn how to use Facebook to get lots of listeners to your shows…

…then this course is what you’ve been looking for.

I won’t duplicate all the details here. Instead…

Check out the Live Event Blueprint now.

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How To Promote Your Music Using the Live Event Blueprint
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How To Promote Your Music Using the Live Event Blueprint
Promote your music properly so you never play to an empty room again.
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