Finger picking technique

Guitar Bloggers Roundup: 5 of the Best

Finger picking technique

With just a little searching, you can find more than a handful of blogs about learning and playing guitar. Here I’ll give you just one handful of some of the best that includes several different styles of guitar playing – from classic to fingerstyle to blues.

You can learn a lot from each of these guitar bloggers. Some of them have full-blown courses and online communities. Some offer advice on guitar gear, life, and more.

I think you’ll find something; that is, someone of interest in the list below no matter how advanced your playing is and no matter what style(s) you prefer.

The list is presented in alphabetical order with no preference to one guitarist over another.

Bobby Davis – The Guitar Answer Guy

Bobby Davis has been playing, teaching, and tinkering with guitars for over 30 years. He gives gear recommendations, teaches you how to care for your guitar, reviews various models, and offers advice and inspiration.

You can get to his Guitar Answer Guy home page here or his blog here. If you’re interested in the tools you need to “setup” your guitar, you can see Bobby’s suggestions here. If you’re looking to trade in or sell your guitar, check out his advice here.

Christopher Davis – Classical Guitarist

Christopher Davis is your go-to guy if you play classical guitar. At his Classical Guitar site, you’ll find lessons, interviews, news, and much more. There are guitar societies and festivals in many countries of the world. Christopher has lists of them for you to explore.

You’ll find all this and even free stuff here at Christopher’s blog.

Adam Rafferty – Funky Fingerstyle

Adam Rafferty says he’ll teach you “funky fingerstyle guitar”. Adam was once featured on the cover of Acoustic Player magazine. You can read his thoughts about using a thumb pick here or find his general blog here.


Justin Sandercoe – A Teacher with a Great Reputation

Justin will also teach you to play guitar. Famous guitarists such and Brian May, Steve Vai, and Mark Knopfler all give him kudos. Justin was born in Tasmania but now resides in the United Kingdom. Fortunately you can use his training videos no matter where you live.

Justin has been producing online videos for over 15 years. You can get his Chords for Beginners here and a unique Beats per Minute tool here.

John Tuggle – Blues Guitar Man

John Tuggle is the guitar blogger you want if you’re interested in playing blues guitar. Here is his blog at Learning Guitar Now. Read his popular post about blues rhythm guitar here. John also offers free blue backing tracks here.

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Guitar Bloggers Roundup: 5 of the Best
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