Fender Left Handed Acoustic Guitars: CD-60S or PM-1

Fender CD-60S Left

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Left-handed guitar players generally don’t have as many options as their right-handed counterparts, but at least with Fender left-handed acoustic guitars, you do get 2 models to choose from – the CD-60S and the PM-1.

In this Fender left-handed guitars review, I’ll take a look at these models with you, so you can get a better idea of which one might be best for your playing style.

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Fender CD-60S LH

The Fender CD-60S has the classic dreadnought style body (as does the PM-1). Its top is made from solid spruce. The back, sides, and neck are all mahogany here. Everything gets a gloss finish.

Inside you’ll find quartersawn scalloped bracing and a dual-action truss rod.

One specialty feature that Fender likes to tout is the “Easy-to-Play” neck shape that has rolled fretboard edges. You might be able to see this is the picture if you look closely.

There are the standard 20 frets along the rosewood fingerboard which features 3 millimeter pearloid reference dots. The bridge is also made of rosewood.

The nut, which is 1.69 inches (43 millimeters) wide, is made of creme plastic. The pickguard is solid black.

The rep from Alamo does an excellent job of explaining the CD-60S. He even plays the mahogany and attempts to play the left-handed versions too!

Check Amazon for your Fender CD-60S LH acoustic guitar now.

Fender Paramount PM-1

Fender has a series of guitars labeled Paramount. They consider this PM-1 left-handed dreadnought to be an expansion of that line.

There is lots of dark wood being used here. The top, back, sides, and neck are all solid mahogany. The finish on the body is open-pore satin, while the neck is plain satin.

The fingerboard and bridge, as is common, are both rosewood. Just like the other Fender above, you get 20 frets and a nut that is 1.69 inches (43mm) wide. Here the nut is made of bone, however.

The pickguard is made of 1-ply tortoise shell material.

Included in the package is a “deluxe”, black, hard shell case (with black interior) and humidifier for keeping your guitar in the best condition possible.

Here is the right handed version of this guitar presented by a Fender rep.

See the Fender Paramount PM-1 Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar at Amazon.

Conclusions about the Fender Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

I think you would be more than satisfied with either of these two Fender models. It might even come down to which one you like the looks of better.

Rob Lang at Music Radar [https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/fender-paramount-pm-1-standard-dreadnought-all-mahogany-ne] has this slightly negative comment about the sound of the PM-1. “That mahogany mid voice is there in abundance with a thumpy and defined low-end, rather than the boom that we’d hope to find from mahogany.”

If that bothers you, then perhaps the CD-60S will be your go-to guitar instead.

Being Fenders, you know you’ll get a high quality instrument whichever one you select.

If you want a left-handed model but don’t think either of these Fenders is for you, check out this overview that includes several other brands.

Check the availability and pricing of left-handed acoustic guitars at Amazon now.

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