Famous Left-Handed Guitarists Beginners Can Emulate

Some of the most famous guitarists from the past several decades have played their instruments left handed. Let’s take a look at a few of these famous left-handed guitarists to see if there are any that you, as a beginning left-handed guitar player might want to have as your hero.

Not all left-handed guitar players are truly left-handed in all areas of their life. Some are actually right-handed or are ambidextrous; that is, they can do many tasks equally well with either hand.

What matters for us here is that these artists normally play their guitars left handed. They have instruments created for strumming with the left hand and chording on the fretboard with the right. The strings of these guitars have the thicker, lower note at the top and the thinner, higher note at the bottom, just like on a guitar for right handers.

I mention this because there are cases where left-handed guitarists just take a right-handed guitar and flip it around. They strum with the left hand and chord with the right, but the strings are reversed, compared to normal practice. Such players have to learn a whole new way of chording then!

The artists below are listed, not in my order of preference, but just alphabetically. (If my favorite was at the top, you’d see Sir Paul first.)

Kurt Cobain

Here are several Cobain solos in concert. I really don’t see the attraction. To me, he just seems to be randomly noodling around on his guitar.

Billy Ray Cyrus

It’s not Achy Breaky Heart. It’s Amazing Grace and not his greatest performance, but you can see how Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Miley Cyrus) plays left handed.

Jimi Hendrix

First, Jimi is playing a 12-string left-hand guitar. Then he’s playing Hound Dog on a 6-string.

Paul McCartney

Paul is primarily known for playing bass as he teaches in this video, but he could play other instruments too.

Slim Whitman

Slim Whitman was right-handed, but he reportedly played guitar left-handed due to missing fingers. Here you get to hear him play and sing Ghost Riders in the Sky.

So, which one is your hero? Or is it someone else?

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Famous Left-Handed Guitarists Beginners Can Emulate
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Famous Left-Handed Guitarists Beginners Can Emulate
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