ddrums Electronic Drum Sets Overview and Reviews

ddrum DD1 Plus kit
ddrum DD1 Plus kit

ddrums currently makes four electronic drum sets – DD1 Plus, DD Beta D Lite, DD Beta, and DD Beta XP. You can probably spot ddrums electronic drum sets a mile away. Their signature bright red design is easy to recognize.

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In this overview, I’ll take a brief look at each of them. If you already know you want one of them, you can click a link in the list just below.

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ddrums DD1 Plus Electronic Drum Kit

The DD1 Plus has some features that you might not expect a set in this price range to have.

For example, the snare has dual hit zones. You can play both the normal snare sound and rimshots.

The ride cymbal and the crash cymbal are chokeable. You can grab them with your hand to stop the sound whenever you want.

You get a snare, 3 toms, and 3 cymbals on the DD1 Plus rack. You also get a kickpad and kick pedal with this Chinese made set.

ddrums DD1 Plus

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD1 Plus kit at Amazon.

ddrums DD Beta D Lite

When computer software is in the “beta” stage, it is generally useable by the general public, but the designers know that there still may be some major bugs in the system. It surprises me then that ddrums would use the term “Beta” in their drum line. It makes me think that there could be some major defect in the products.

If you can put that thought aside, you’ll find three decent drum “systems” here. The first one I’ll look at is the DD Beta D Lite.

Speaking of drum names, here is one that I really like, despite the Beta monicker. It’s the last part of that name that attracts me: D Lite, or Delight. Get it? It’s a nice pun, and I always love a good pun.

All that said, I know that it’s not really the naming of a drum kit that you care about. So let’s take a look at what you get with the DD Beta D Lite.

This has to be the smallest, most compact set I’ve seen. It’s quite possibly the smallest one currently made.

You can fit the D Lite kit into some really tight spaces. You can also set it as low as 24 inches or as high as 32 inches. This should be a large enough range to accommodate a person of virtually any height.

The other rack measurements of the set are 11 x 18 inches. That’s tiny!

ddrums suggests this.

“Its small size also works as an add on to an existing acoustic set-up, if you’re looking to add some electronic spice to your drums.”

The drum pads are all single zone. You get a set of headphones and a pair of drumsticks. I’m guessing that neither of these will be the highest quality, but I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth here.

ddrums DD Beta D Lite

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD Beta D Lite set at Amazon.

ddrums DD Beta D Lite Drum Set

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD Beta D Lite drum set at Ebay.

ddrums DD Beta Drum Set

Perhaps this comment from ddrums about the DD Beta sheds just a little light on the reasoning behind using “Beta” as part of these drum sets’ names.

“Working backward from our more advanced e-kits, we conceived the DDBeta to be the first step in a drummer’s journey.”

I would still argue that “Beta” isn’t the best choice, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

The kit features a streamlined module, boasting 100 usable drum kit sounds. 32 pre-set kits that are standard on the DDBETA. The DDBETA offers compact size, perfect for bedrooms and small apartments. Responsive, single-zone drum pads. Dynamic single-zone cymbals with choke feature.

ddrums DD Beta

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD Beta kit at Amazon.

ddrums DD Beta XP Drum Kit

The XP (apparently for “expanded”) version of the DD Beta set is similar to the basic Beta, but there are some significant differences. The Beta XP has the following items.

  • Dual zone snare drum
  • Bass drum pad with pedal
  • Continuous hi-hat controller
  • Upgraded sound module

The sound module has these features.

  • 170 sounds
  • Record function
  • Up to 4 user kits
  • Parameter adjustments for sensitivity
  • Play along songs
  • Metronome

Here is another video demo to give you more of an idea of what the Beta XP sounds like.

ddrum DD Beta XP

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD Beta XP set at Amazon.

ddrums DD Beta XP2

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrums DD Beta XP (and XP2) drum set at Ebay.

Conclusions about the ddrums Electronic Drum Sets

Online reviews are generally positive about the ddrums electronic drum sets. Owners says that they are a good buy for the price. They are a case of “you get what you pay for”, but you will probably be satisfied both with what you get and what you paid for it.

Check the pricing and availability of ddrums electronic drum sets at Amazon today.

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