ddrum DD1 Plus Drum Set: Good for Beginners and Beyond

ddrum DD1 Plus kit
ddrum DD1 Plus kit

When you are looking at drum sets for beginners, the ddrum DD1 Plus electronic drum set is almost certainly one you will encounter.

Of course, the question you have is this: Is this a good drum set for beginners or should I look for something else?

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If you already know it’s the one you want, you can click here to see the DD1 Plus on Amazon.

If you still need more information, read on. The detailed review below should give you a good idea about whether this one is for you or the beginner that you’re buying for.

A Very Brief History of the DD1

Since the ddrum DD1 Plus electronic drum set is relatively new (2016), perhaps not many have had the opportunity to try it yet. That said, if it were the greatest new drum set on the market, wouldn’t everyone be snapping it up and gushing over it?

Since I don’t see that happening, I think it’s safe to agree with those who have bought and used it when they say that this is a good set for beginners but not the very best.

The ddrum DD1 Plus is an expansion of the original DD1, which was even more disappointing to owners than the Plus version. Some complained of latency when hitting the pads. That is, you would hit the drum or cymbal and have to wait to hear the sound. It was not immediate as it should be.

What Features Does the DD1 Plus Have?

The DD1 Plus does have some nice features that you might not expect a drum set in this price range to have, though this does seem to be changing in recent years.

For example, the snare has dual hit zones. That means there are two areas on the snare pad that respond differently to hitting them with your drumstick.

Both the ride cymbal and the crash cymbal are chokeable. Just like an acoustic cymbal, after you strike it, you can grab it with your hand to stop the sound earlier than usual. You don’t have to let the sound die off on its own.

You can see and hear examples of this in the following video. This video doesn’t give much information, but you do get to hear what the drums sound like.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions to this kit is its styling. The basic black of the aluminum frame and rubber pads is accented with bright red plastic rims and other highlights. If the venue in which you are going to use this set doesn’t mind all this glitz, you have a really snazzy drum set to play.

The sound module brain with its LCD display has all the inputs and outputs you would expect – line input, headphone jack, USB port, MP3, and MIDI. As a beginner, you probably won’t use all those connections, but it’s good to know they exist for when you want them later.

It has 35 stock kits and a total of 335 sounds. The stock kits consist of 24 preset kits and 11 you can create on your own.

You can try to play along with 60 different songs using the training functions provided within the sound module.

As pictured, you get a snare, 3 toms, and 3 cymbals on this rack. In addition, there is a kickpad and kick pedal, but there is no throne (seat) with this kit that is made in China.

This isn’t the most exciting video either, but you can hear more of the different sounds available.

Who Should Get the ddrums DD1 Plus Electronic Drum Set?

If you’re in the market not for yourself but for a drum set for a church praise band, the DD1 would fit the bill nicely.

You get a one year parts and labor warranty on this ddrum product, with the exception of 30 day warranty on the drum trigger.

There’s just not a lot more you can say about the DD1 Plus electronic drum set. Experienced drummers generally don’t care for it and tend to find fault with it, but it’s not made for them either.

As I noted above, it’s intended for beginners who will more than likely be satisfied with what they get. And if you are purchasing the DD1 Plus for someone else, you probably are okay with the price you have to pay.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that the DD1 Plus is not what you want, check out this article about other electronic drum sets that are also made for beginners. You’ll probably find one you prefer there.

Get your ddrum DD1 Plus electronic drum set at Amazon today!

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