ddrum DD Beta D Lite Drum Set Review

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ddrum DD Beta D Lite, right?

Well, you’ve probably heard this question: What’s in a name? When it comes to this drum manufacturer, this is my question: What is the name? Is it ddrum or ddrums? And why no capital letter?

Okay, it’s for style. I get that. But then let’s have some consistency. Even the ddrum DD Beta D Lite drum set is formatted differently in different places – including on the manufacturer’s own website.

Now I know that this is nit picky stuff that doesn’t really matter, but it’s still a little annoying. Pick a name and stick to it so others (like me) know what to call you and your products.

So, all that said, let’s take a look at a cute, little drum kit called (I think) the DD Beta D Lite. There’s a pun there. Did you get it? D Lite = Delight.

What Do You Get with a DD Beta D Lite Kit?

ddrum says, “The DDBeta d- lite is the perfect fit for small spaces.” (See what I mean about the naming format?)

This is quite an understatement.

You can adjust the height of the D Lite between 24 and 32 inches. If you keep it at the low end, then the overall dimensions of the kit are a meager 11 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches!

That’s so tiny you could easily fit it into many closets.

In that small amount of space you get a frame with 4 single zone drum pads, a hi-hat cymbal and foot controller, a bass / kick drum controller, and the sound module.

In addition to the kit itself, you get a pair of headphones and a pair of drumsticks. I can’t comment on the quality of either of these, but they should suffice for the beginner.

What Does the Sound Module Look Like?

DD Beta D Lite Compact Module
DD Beta D Lite Compact Module

The picture above comes from a set offered by Musician’s Friend. It looks a little different from the one shown at ddrum. It’s called Compact, as opposed to D Lite, but the features are likely the same.

The sound module gives you all the basics you would expect. There are ten quarter-inch inputs, a MIDI out port, a Line In port, and a headphone jack.

Programmed into the module are 32 drum kits made from 168 sounds. That’s quite good for a kit this size.

There is also a built-in metronome and reverb effect. Use the metronome to keep your drumming steady when practicing. Use the reverb effect in performance to make your kit sound like it’s in a bigger room.

What’s the Verdict on the DD Beta D Lite?

DD Beta Compact
DD Beta Compact

Unfortunately, as of this writing, almost no one has commented online giving their opinions about this drum set.

To me, it looks like a decent set for a beginner, especially if it is for a young, small person. The overall size of the kit seems to be a big selling point for ddrum.

I would be just a little worried that a wild drummer would be able to knock the whole frame over, but it probably is solid enough that that would not happen. Let me know if yours does ever topple.

ddrum DD Beta D Lite

Check the pricing and availability of the ddrum DD Beta D Lite drum set at Amazon.

If you’d like a ddrum set that’s a little larger, check out this overview article about their other offerings.

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