PylePro PED021M Electronic Drum Set Review

Pyle PED021M kit
PylePro PED021M kit

The PylePro PED021M electronic drum set is currently the top of the line from Pyle. For a company originally known for their speakers and now for many non-musical products as well, this electronic drum kit isn’t bad.

Let’s take a quick look at the PED021M so you can see if it’s a drum set that you would be interested in acquiring.

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PylePro Drum Sets Overview and Review

PylePro PED021M kit
PylePro PED021M kit

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You might know the brand name Pyle because of the audio equipment the company makes, especially woofers for high-end stereo systems. PylePro drum sets are not their most well-known products. In fact, it feels like an afterthought that they are in their full product catalog.

Here are some other items listed in that catalog, many of which you wouldn’t expect from a company that started by making woofers.

  • Sound equipment for cars and boats
  • Portable pressure washers
  • DVD Players
  • Money counters
  • Projectors
  • Stands, cables, speakers
  • Amplifiers and megaphones
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