The Most Popular Headphones Online

There are probably as many types of headphones available today as there are microphones. Each (supposedly) has its own niche use. Personally, I see just three main types – noise-cancelling, wireless, and all the rest.

Why? Because, if you need noise-cancelling headphones, you simply have to find a pair that truly cancels the outside noise, and you’re good to go. And because, if you can’t be tied down by a wire, you get a pair of wireless headphones, and off you run. And finally, because, if you don’t need either of the above features, you just find a decent pair you can afford, and you’re done shopping.

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Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out: Does High Price Mean Quality?

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You can find wireless workout headphones at just about any price point you’d like to pay. Many (most?) of the ultra-cheap models are likely not worth your money. But are the higher-priced models any better?

In this review, I’ll look at three of the most commonly reviewed models and one that doesn’t always get as much love (or hype) as the others to help you see if any of these fit your workout routine or if you should be looking elsewhere.

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