The World’s Most Popular Guitar Picks, Says Who?

Says who? Says Amazon…that’s who.

If you’ve played guitar (or any plucked musical instrument) for any amount of time, you’ve probably come to realize that not all guitar picks are created equal. They have different gauges, or thicknesses, and come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

So how do you know which guitar pick is best for you? You try out several types until you find the one you like the best. We’re talking about little pieces of celluloid (for the most part) here, so this searching won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Sometimes you can get a variety pack that lets you check out several types in one go.

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M-Audio Sustain Pedals

There are two main types of sustain pedals available for keyboards and other instruments. One of them normally looks like a small box, nearly square, and is sometimes called (and used as) a footswitch.

The other type is longer and has a silver pedal that looks much like what sticks out from the center (near the floor) of an acoustic piano.

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The Most Popular Guitar Stands

Simply put, if you own a guitar, you need a guitar stand or the equivalent wall hanger. Assuming you play your guitar regularly, you want to have in readily accessible. You don’t want to always store it away in its case (like I do, sadly, even though I own a stand) because it’s just too much of a hassle to pull it out multiple times during the day to play it.

So, here we have four of the most popular guitar stands and hangers available as of this writing at Amazon and elsewhere. The style of stand you choose really doesn’t matter, as long as it holds your guitar properly. All of these should do that just fine, unless you have a non-standard instrument.

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The 3 Most Popular Vocal Mics

Technically, you could use any microphone to amplify or record vocals, but there are some that reproduce the sound of your voice much better than others. Here I’ll take a quick look at three of the most popular vocal mics (at Amazon and elsewhere).

If you just want to check the pricing and availability of these vocal microphones at Amazon, you can click (tap) the links in the list just below. Otherwise, scroll down for a few more details about them.

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The Most Popular USB Microphones

For as few parts as a microphone has, it’s really amazing how many different types there are and how many different qualities of sound eventually come out of them. USB microphones are one such type. In this review, I’ll show you which are currently the most popular USB mics in the overall market today – at Amazon in particular.

I’ll cover four USB microphones from companies like Blue, HyperX, and FIFINE. If you’re just interested in checking the pricing and availability of each of these at Amazon just now, you can click (tap) the links in the list just below. Otherwise, you can keep scrolling and reading to find out the few details there are that distinguish each of these popular USB microphones.

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The Most Popular Karaoke Mics

Okay, I like to sing, but I don’t have a great voice, and I’ve never been interested in doing the karaoke thing in a bar or anywhere else. However, it seems that a lot of people – whether they have a good voice or not – really enjoy the karaoke experience. Fortunately, for those people who don’t want to (or can’t because of their tender age) go to karaoke night at the local tavern, karaoke microphones exist.

If you fall into that semi-shy group or have a child or grandchild who likes to sing, you should consider getting one of the popular karaoke mics listed below. I’ll give you the details about 5 different models. To be honest, I think the first four of them are extremely similar and are maybe even made by the same company. The main difference among them is their outer styling – which can be important, depending on whom you’re buying it for.

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The Most Popular Headphones Online

There are probably as many types of headphones available today as there are microphones. Each (supposedly) has its own niche use. Personally, I see just three main types – noise-cancelling, wireless, and all the rest.

Why? Because, if you need noise-cancelling headphones, you simply have to find a pair that truly cancels the outside noise, and you’re good to go. And because, if you can’t be tied down by a wire, you get a pair of wireless headphones, and off you run. And finally, because, if you don’t need either of the above features, you just find a decent pair you can afford, and you’re done shopping.

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The Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags under $100

Your guitar deserves a nice home. You know you want to provide one, so you look for the best guitar case for your acoustic guitar that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. I’ve found what many owners think are the best acoustic guitar gig bags under $100 that you can buy. There are many more possibilities than these, so if you don’t really like the looks of any of these, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something nearly as good without too much effort.

The three acoustic guitar cases I’ve chosen are made by Cahaya (two of them) and Fender. If you’re in a hurry right now and just want to check their prices and availability at Amazon, you can click (tap) the links in the list just below. Otherwise, you can scroll down to read more about the details of each acoustic gig bag.

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The Best and Most Popular Electric Guitar Strings

This article is the complement to The Best and Most Popular Acoustic Guitar Strings compilation that I recently posted. Like that article, this too will be mainly a listing of the various types of electric guitar strings available at Amazon; that is, the best and most popular electric guitar strings you can find there.

Most of the packs you’ll see below contain 6 strings. There are a few that have 7 strings or 8 strings and are clearly noted as such.

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The Best and Most Popular Acoustic Guitar Strings

When I think of guitar strings, two brand names come to mind – D’Addario and Elixir. I’ve used both on my guitar. (I prefer the D’Addario, but don’t let that sway you.) But there are (at least) two other good, popular brands to consider – Ernie Ball and Martin – when it comes to acoustic guitar strings.

This article is more of a compilation than a review of these guitar strings – both 6-string and 12-string guitar strings. You know what you want, right? Then again, maybe you didn’t know all the options available to you. In any case, what follows is a listing of all the more popular brands and styles of guitar strings in one place so you can pick and choose to your heart’s content.

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