Alesis Command Kit vs Forge Kit Review: Is There a Winner?

There are three Alesis electronic drum kits that use basically the same “brain”. These are the Crimson, the Alesis Command, and the Forge kits. In this article I’ll take a look at the Command kit vs the Forge kit, so you can spot their similarities and differences. If you want to compare this to the Command set, check out this article.

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What Do I Get in the Alesis Command Kit?

The Alesis Command kit has the same number of pieces as the Forge set (as you’ll see), but these are better quality, so you’ll necessarily pay a little more for them.

Alesis Command Kit
Alesis Command Kit

Included in the Command set are these drums, cymbals, and pedals.

  • 10 inch mesh snare drum
  • Two 9 inch dual-zone toms
  • 11 inch dual-zone floor tom
  • 8 inch mesh kick drum with pedal
  • 10 inch crash cymbal with choke
  • 10 inch ride cymbal with choke
  • 10 inch hi-hat with pedal

Mesh heads, such as those found on the Command’s snare and kick drums, are considered better and more like acoustic drums than rubber pads. They are also quieter physically speaking.

The sound module, which is virtually the same for both the Command set and the Forge set, has 50 preset drum kits and space for 20 kits that you can create on your own. This is probably more space than you’ll ever need.

There are over 600 (628, to be exact) sounds that make up these kits. If you really need more, you can add them via the USB port and a USB thumb drive.

You also get features such as a metronome, recording capability, 60 play-along song tracks, and headphone jack.

Watch this video about Forge and Command Module.

Check out this additional review from 65 Drums.

What Do I Get in the Alesis Forge?

Alesis Forge Kit
Alesis Forge Kit

Besides the same sound module described above, you get these pieces in the Forge kit.

  • 11 inch dual-zone rubber snare pad
  • Three 8 inch rubber tom pads
  • 10 inch ride cymbal pads with choke
  • 10 inch crash cymbal pads with choke
  • 10 inch hi-hat cymbal and pedal
  • Kick pad tower and drum pedal

Both kits also have a 4-post chrome rack which keeps everything firmly in place. You get a cable snake and wraps to keep all the cords from flopping all over the place. (All Alesis kits have this snake.)

You get a drum key for adjusting the tension on the drums. Alesis includes a rather cheap pair of drumsticks. These will be okay to start, but you’ll likely want to get a better pair soon, if you don’t already have them.

Finally, there are miscellaneous items like the power adapter, user and assembly guides, and the safety and warranty manual.

Alesis Forge Kit

Check the pricing and availability of the Alesis Forge Kit at Ebay.

Comparing the Command and Forge Side by Side

Here is a table that compares the pieces in the Command and Forge sets for easy reference.

Snare Drum10″ mesh, dual-zone11″ rubber, dual-zone
TomsTwo 9″ mesh, 11″
floor; dual-zone
Three 8″ rubber
Kick Drum8″ mesh with pedalTower with pedal
Crash Cymbal10” with choke10” with choke
 Ride Cymbal10” with choke10” with choke
 Hi-hat10″ with pedal 10″ with pedal

Some owner reviewers have found problems with the kick pedal at high speeds. I get the impression that they were trying to push the kit beyond its intended limits. After all, how often do you really need to play for speed on a kick pedal?

If you are able to and want to spend a little more, go with the Command set for the mesh features. You’ll appreciate the feel and the noise level.

The Forge set is good for the price too, so don’t be ashamed to get that one, if that’s all you want to spend. Either kit should serve you well.

If you don’t think either of these Alesis kits is for you, check out this overview article on Alesis electronic drum sets. You’ll likely find another kit more suited to your needs.

Alesis Command Kit

Check the pricing and availability of the Alesis Command drum set at Amazon.

Alesis Command Drum Kit

Check the pricing and availability of the Alesis Command Drum Kit at Ebay.

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  3. Apparently you only cater to jazz or standard rock. “After all, how often do you really need to play for speed on a kick pedal?” Ask the many people that are seriously pissed off that they bought the kit after being told it supports double bass pedals, and IT DOES NOT! Yet, most all other kits under $500 do. Even the toy drum for Play Station Rock Band game does. Yet even the $1,000 Crimson does not support double bass. I would have bought one in a moment, if it had support. So how many others have passed these kits up for that one reason of not being able to play their favorite music on a $500, $700, $1,000 drum set. There is no excuse for that. Jazz and Rock are not the only genre out there. Metal is huge weather you like it or not, and most need double bass. So do everyone a favor and warn people that your reviews are bias.

    1. Thanks for your comments, John. You make some valid points.

      I’m not trying to present a biased review here. If you need the double bass, then this is definitely not the kit for you.

      1. Is is the triggering (module) that’s not picking up the quick doubles in the bass drum or is it the pad itself?? Still for the price and what you get the look of the kit and feel the sounds the module alone.. I feel as Alesis has hit a home run with these kits. Good job Alesis ordering mine as we speak!!!!

        1. My Musical Picks

          Thanks for the question. I wish I had an answer. Even if I had one in front of me right now, I’m not sure I could tell. Maybe someone with more electronic expertise in this area (on this particular kit) will be able to help us out.

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