About My Musical Picks

Who Is My Musical Picks For?

Welcome to My Musical Picks!

My Musical Picks (ignore the pun unless you’re a guitarist) is a site for all musicians and for those who love musicians.

Here you’ll find lots of reviews of musical instruments and other related gear. You can read information and opinions gathered from hither and yon all in one convenient place to help you decide which musical equipment is just right for you or for whomever you plan to gift it to.

You might be a beginning drummer (like me), an experienced keyboard player (like me), or a rock star wannabe (not like me). In any case, you will find something at My Musical Picks that will interest you.

In addition to reviews of instruments and gear, you will find articles of interest from the music industry and significant news items that will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of music.

How Did My Musical Picks Get Started?

Gary Sonnenberg
Hi, I’m Gary Sonnenberg creator of My Musical Picks.

I started My Musical Picks in 2017 with a few reviews of electronic drum sets. They had recently become interesting to me as I wanted to learn to play drums myself.

I have been a church organist since I was in high school, though more recently (since 2003) I have been (mostly) a keyboard player in a church praise band.

Along the way, I have learned a few guitar chords and figured out how to play bass guitar too. Unfortunately, the little finger on my left hand never wants to cooperate when I play my acoustic-electric guitar. So I’ll never become anything close to awesome on that instrument.

While in elementary school, I learned to play clarinet fairly well. In college I played just a little saxophone (and a few other band instruments), but none of these get any play time these days. I don’t even own any of them anymore.

I hope you can learn from the experiences I’ve had and from other musicians here at My Musical Picks. Maybe you’ll even contribute some of your own knowledge. Putting it all together should help you make wise purchases of musical equipment that will bring you musical pleasure for years to come.