2Box DrumIt Five Electronic Drum Set Review: One Trick Pony?

2Box DrumIt Five electronic drum kit
2Box DrumIt Five

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2Box is the Swedish manufacturer of the DrumIt Five electronic drum set. They really only have the one product (as of this writing) available in the US. They have developed a universal sound module called the DrumIt Three, but that is currently only available in Europe.

The DrumIt Five was highly anticipated before it debuted several years ago. The kit seems to have lived up to the hype, as many users today rate it very highly. It’s just unfortunate that it took much longer than expected to arrive and that no other products are yet available.

That said, in this review we’ll take a look at what the DrumIt Five is all about so you can see if it’s a kit that matches your needs.

For those with little time right now, you can click the link below to check the pricing and availability of the DrumIt Five at Amazon.

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What Do You Get in the DrumIt Five Kit?

That question is harder to answer than it should be. Everywhere I’ve looked, there is mention of the drum heads ranging from 8 to 14 inches in diameter.

Even the specs on the 2Box site say, “8 to 14 inch sizes equipped with specially designed DrumIt rubber heads.”

You can guess from the pictures what the size of each drum might be, but I can’t tell you specifically with 100% certainty how large each one is.

All the drums have 2 zones – head and rim. You can assign whatever sound you want to each.

The crash and ride cymbals are apparently 14 inches each. These are 3 zone – cup, bow, and edge – units that are chokeable.

The hi-hat moves up and down like an acoustic cymbal. It is even mounted on its own stand.

You do get both a kick drum and a kick drum pedal, which is a little unusual at this price point. Often manufacturers figure that you will have your own favorite kick pedal and don’t supply one for you.

2Box DrumIt Five: Is orange your color?
2Box DrumIt Five: Is orange your color?

The sound module (available separately at Amazon) has all the features you should expect. You can connect it to a computer via USB to download more sounds and to edit kits and sounds using software for either a PC or a Mac.

If the 100 kits included aren’t what you want, you can also create your own from WAV files (incorrectly denoted as “wave” files at the 2Box site).

The sound module has 10 dual-function trigger inputs for a total of 15 independent channels maximum. There are 2 audio line-in jacks and 8 total line-out ports. Making a standard MIDI connection is possible and several other common connections too.

What Do Others Think of the DrumIt Five?

Check out this Australian review from 2011.

Also look at this brief demo that shows how easy it is to make changes to the kit hardware.

One owner comments about the sound module.

“After seeing how useful all the buttons and dials are, I’m glad I bought one, I can’t imagine having a less convenient user interface.”

What’s the Verdict on the 2Box DrumIt Five?

If you don’t mind the bright orange trim (which I actually do like), you’ll find that the DrumIt Five is a great kit to own. It has solid components and (as is common) the ability to give you whatever sounds you want.

If you wait a little longer, you might also be interested in the DrumIt Three module mentioned at the top of this review. It is a universal sound module that should be compatible with all other existing kits at a price point significantly less than the Five.

DrumIt Five

Check the pricing and availability of the DrumIt Five drum kit at Amazon.

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