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M-Audio Sustain Pedals

There are two main types of sustain pedals available for keyboards and other instruments. One of them normally looks like a small box, nearly square, and is sometimes called (and used as) a footswitch. The other …
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The Most Popular Guitar Stands

Simply put, if you own a guitar, you need a guitar stand or the equivalent wall hanger. Assuming you play your guitar regularly, you want to have in readily accessible. You don’t want to always …
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The 3 Most Popular Vocal Mics

Technically, you could use any microphone to amplify or record vocals, but there are some that reproduce the sound of your voice much better than others. Here I’ll take a quick look at three of …
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HyperX QuadCast USB mic

The Most Popular USB Microphones

For as few parts as a microphone has, it’s really amazing how many different types there are and how many different qualities of sound eventually come out of them. USB microphones are one such type. …
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The Most Popular Karaoke Mics

Okay, I like to sing, but I don’t have a great voice, and I’ve never been interested in doing the karaoke thing in a bar or anywhere else. However, it seems that a lot of …
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The Most Popular Headphones Online

There are probably as many types of headphones available today as there are microphones. Each (supposedly) has its own niche use. Personally, I see just three main types – noise-cancelling, wireless, and all the rest. Why? …
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